What are your business hours?

You can contact us any time by email at info@ModernInvites.com To Speak to a Representive 1.888.668.4522 Monday – Friday 9am -5pm Eastern Standard Time

Do you design logos?

Yes, absolutely! A logo – whether it’s for a small business, large workplace, non-profit organization or start-up – is an essential part of your branding and we can certainly help with that!

I will like to hire your team, but I will like to see some previous designs you have done before.

Yes you can have a look. We have many of our previous design work posted on our website for you to have a look.

I reside far away from your company, are we still able to work together?

Yes we can! Distance is not a barrier to prevent us from working together. All you need is to ensure that you have internet access and an email.

How do I get a quote?

Every job is different based on the needs of the individual. To enable us give you an accurate quote, we believe it will be better for us to have a quick chat with you. You can get in touch with us either by our email or via office number.

Are you able to handle our large project?

Absolutely! Modern Invites handle but small and large projects.

Are you able to meet my time limit?

If we agree to a time limit, you can be sure that we will do all we can to meet the time.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs whatsoever, when we give you a quote for our service, that is what it is going to be.

Who has the rights to my files once the project is over?

All rights to your files belongs to you

Who has the rights to my files once the project is over?

All rights to your files belongs to you

If you do not like it, we begin anew.

Some designers will limit the number of revisions that you can get on your design or graphics, but we work to ensure that you are satisfied at the end.

What if I don’t like it?

If you do not like it, we begin a new one.

How do I communicate with my designer?

Immediately we begin to work on your design, you can easily communicate with us in different ways either by email or via our mobile numbers.

How long does it take for you to complete a design?

The time needed for the completion of your design is dependent on the size and type of project or design requirements. Usually, a normal project is supposed to take a period of 24 hours.

How many changes can I have done to my logo design?

At Modern Invites, we provide you with the benefit of unlimited revisions. We want to ensure that you are happy with the outcome of your project rather than letting you have your hands tied to a certain number of changes. We are able to make the changes you need to your designs until we […]

How can I make payments to you?

We accept and prefer secure online payments with the use of mediums like the debit card, credit card, money orders or your bank account via PayPal.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards at Modern invites. With PayPal, you can make payments using your MasterCard, Visa, or American Express cards.

I want to design banners; can you do that for me?

Yes, at Modern Invites, we also design banners

Do you also do small projects?

Of course! We are pleased to help you with your small projects. Feel free to reach out to us for your small projects.

What software do you make use of?

At Modern Invites, we make use of the newest industry standard versions of graphic design and productivity software applications.

I need to get a design done in a short time, can you help me?

If you need a project done urgently, we can do that for you depending on the extent of our production schedule. Nevertheless, we are likely to add fee for a quick job. You can contact us for more information.

How much does it cost to work with you?

The cost for our design is dependent on the needs and capacity of your project. We will provide you with a quote as soon as we have a full understanding of your design needs. You can contact us to get more details.

What services do you provide?

Modern Invites is a design firm that creates identities, brands, websites and graphics. I have experience and expertise in marketing design, branding, identity design, illustration, print design, as well as website design

What is design?

Design can simply be described as the business that involves the designing, programming, and creation of visual communications, generally produced by industrial means and intended to convey specific messages to specific social groups, with a clear purpose.