Modern invites is a company that is committed to the printing of all your top quality invites. We offer our invite printing services at competitive price. We understand that our clients and customers place a great deal of value on these special days, so we do all we can to ensure that we play our own part perfectly to exceed their expectation.
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At Modern Invites, we have come to learn that our duty is to help our customers communicate their information to the world the exact way they want it. Our aim is not only to help them pass their message across to their target group, but to also work to give the target group a great impression as well as a long lasting memory by using newest industry technology to create outstanding designs.


Modern invites know how to help you convey your message in an attractive and compelling manner and we always strive to achieve excellent results. We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional personalized customer service amongst others. The reason why we refer to ourselves as modern invites is because we are conversant with the trends in the industry and we make use of top of the line technology to help you achieve their objectives. We are the go-to place for your quality and bespoke invites.


At Modern Invites, we offer you bespoke invites to fit any budget, style and occasion. We are known as a company that specializes in the printing of invites of all purpose. Before the process of making your invite, we do well to offer our complete range of exclusive designs and customizable templates with the purpose of ensuring that you are able to get exactly what you are looking for.
Irrespective of the size of your even, number of invite you want or the type of design you wish to apply to your invite, we help you accomplish all of it. All that is needed of you to do is to let us know what you want or choose from the many samples we have to offer and we will help you design that invite of your choice.


At Modern Invites, we have given ourselves to the concept of affordable printing of invites in quantities that meet the needs of all of our customers. Even so, we keep working daily to improve on our expertise to better serve our customers as we believe that knowledge is a continual process.

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Looking for the perfect invitation for your special day? You won’t need to look any further with our selection of invites that range from unique choices to timeless pieces. At Modern Invites, we present you with a great variety of designs for you to look and choose from, all of which are available at competitive prices.

Irrespective of the choice of invite you want, whether it is straightforward or detailed, we give you the option to customize various aspects of the invite, from the wording to the add-ons, to create a perfect card which is able to perfectly represent that special event in your life.
We are always current with trends as this is revealed on our updated collection of invitation designs. If you need an invite but you do not seem to have the idea of how to put it out, we have our team of professionals to offer you there help and advice.


At Modern Invites, we offer more than just Invitations. Our services of stationery also cuts across all your needs for any form of celebration or event ranging from place cards for the reception, save-the-date cards, direction cards and lots more.

Modern Invites is also able to provide you with stationery for events leading up to the actual day of the event. We have a huge collection of décor you can choose from. Let us help you make your day memorable and bring that idea or choice of invite into reality. You just name it, and we will have it done!

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There are three or four different types of stationery that are most known amongst couples choosing wedding invitations. Prices for these various types of stationery vary widely because of the way the invitations are made. The following are some common types of stationery used for wedding invitations:

Thermography: This type of wedding invitation is relatively inexpensive, popular and easy to find. This type of invitation can be used for a casual wedding.

Offset Printing: This type of wedding invitation uses normal, everyday print. Although the print may seem common, this type of invitation will still announce your wedding in an elegant manner.
Engraved: This type of wedding invitation is usually very expensive and reserved for very formal weddings. Engraved invitations are usually used to announce a very traditional style of wedding
Embossed: Embossed invitations are very classy but also very expensive. Similar to engraved invitations, the raised print on this type of wedding invitation looks impressive but may be hard on your budget because of the technique used to create this type of invitation.
Calligraphy: This handcrafted invitation is elegant and refined but needs to be done by a skilled calligrapher who may be difficult to find. You can also look for a printer who creates the look of calligraphy on printed invitations.

Irrespective of the type of invitation you choose to go with, you can also decide to order all the wedding stationery you will need, such as response cards and thank you cards, together for uniformity.


There are a number of options that you can use when printing your invites. The invite to your event is usually the first sight your guests have into what your wedding will be like, which is the reason why you need to choose the right invitation for your event. It is also important that your invite should represent the theme of your event.

If you are planning a very traditional or formal wedding your invitations should reflect this. You would not want to use bold colors, but you would stick to something more traditional and elegant. When you are choosing the invitations it is also essential for you to remember that many of your guests will keep the invitation as a physical keepsake of you special day, so choose wisely.

The cost of wedding invitation for example can vary depending on your choice as a customer. Nevertheless, it is not actually the invitation that cost you so much, it is the fact that there are many parts of a wedding invitation and each usually has a separate price. The basics include the invitation, the response card, the reception card and the thank you notes. You might also add direction cards, save the date cards or magnets (in cases of longer engagements), and place cards. All these factors add up.

In case of your wedding invitation, it is essential that it reflects your wedding day, colors, themes and ambiance. For instance you may choose to use the wedding colors or theme on your invitation. However another good idea is to choose an invitation that matches the atmosphere or feeling of the wedding. You do not want a modern invitation for an elegant wedding or a formal invitation for a casual affair.

You should first address if your wedding would either be considered modern or traditional. If your wedding falls into either category you may want to consider wedding invitations to match that feeling. Brides who choose to have a formal or traditional wedding should use traditional wedding invitations. The invitations should have black print on white or light colored paper depending on the choice of the bride. On the other hand if you think you a planning a more modern wedding the invitation colors are pretty much endless. Today people make use of invitation in variety of colors ranging from red, green, or even black. In some cases it may use graphics and pictures, although it is not actually necessary.

No matter the choice of wedding invitation or any other choice of invitation you might want, Modern Invites have got you covered. Just let us know your choice of invitation or whatever idea you might have and we will help you make it a reality. We want to make sure the day is special to you and we will do that by having your invite leave a unique impression on your guests.